Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Snake Cell - A Chapter in the Natural History of India !

On the World Environment Day, in 1998, I founded the Snake Cell, basically to disseminate knowledge about snakes and snakebite, to dispel fear from the minds of people, about these useful creatures. Snake Cell has remained a self-funded nature conservation project, since its inception. I take pride in saying that it has become a unique feature of this Tri-City. Almost, everyone adores its team and its efforts and has won laurels from the citizens of the region. In fact, it has added a new chapter in the natural history scenario of India.

My prime aim is to spread vital information on the subject `snakes and snakebite’ and about the role of snakes in maintaining ecological balance, to dispel the myths, fear and hatred, which people have for these useful animals. Also, educating people about the prevention of snakebite, emergencies arising from snakebite and the management of snakebite victim and first-aid that is very vital for the treatment.

With the blessings of Almighty, and of very close friends, it has continued its self-less service for ten years now, in spite of the discouraging events, such as, I was attacked by some miscreants at night (no Police action was taken) and attempted to snatch away the Snake Cell’s vehicle. Not mention the rude behavior of senior wildlife officers as well. On many such occasions, I thought of suspending snake rescue operations and work only on educating people about snakes and snakebite. But I’ve overlooked these `heart burns’ to continue to do snake rescue and disseminate information about snakes and snakebite to common man. It is hard to hold back, when people make SOS call to seek Snake Cell’s help to rescue snakes from their houses, especially when there are small kids.

People seek help from the Snake Cell to remove snakes from their premises. So far, we have caught about 1500 snakes from houses; often Common Krait (the deadliest Indian snake), which is 15 times more poisonous than a cobra. About 2500 houses were visited to attend calls to rescue snakes till this season.

Snake Cell has remained a self-funded project and has never been supported by any donations, except that a few friends and its well-wishers have extended their unflinching support to its endeavour when required.

It’s a Free Service 24 Hours A Day, in around Chandigarh.

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